About Us

CARACOLA DREAMS is an audiovisual lab resulting of the union of two young people who are passionate about imagery and communication and who show a clear interest for video and photography as their profession, art and way of life. We initiated CARACOLA DREAMS in 2012 and since then we have worked on various projects in Spain, Turkey, France, Monaco, Germany, UK and Portugal. Constantly upgrading our skills, knowledge and equipment, we are open for new projects and co-operations and we are willing to relocate worldwide for a project.

Enrique Maldonado

Enrique has a BA in Audiovisual Communication (Cinema, Television and Radio Production) and more than 10 years of experience working in television, radio and different production companies as a director of photography, filmmaker, video editor and post-producer.


Ivana Trajanovska

Ivana has a BA in Communication Sciences and an MA in Advanced European and International Studies. She is responsible for PR, advertising and communication. Ivana is a camera and production assistant and also in charge of translation and subtitles.


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